Peer Support

# BPDChat
#BPDChat is an interactive discussion on twitter which is dedicated to borderline personality disorder. Carl Dunn, a mental health educator, leads the one hour discussion with a community of people who are living and trying to cope with BPD. Every week there is a topic of the day, always about a BPD-related issue that affects and/or perplexes people with the disorder and their families. The discussion is every Sunday from 4pm EST in the United States and 9pm GMT in Europe…You are not alone!

Emotions Matter
Emotions Matter offers online BPD Peer Support Groups developed by people with lived experience. They also have a BPD Facebook Group for individuals with BPD, a virtual Peer Support Group for Men with BPD, and a Borderline Personality Disorder Loss/Bereavement Virtual Support Group for loved ones who have lost someone in their life who lived with BPD.

DBT Path
DBT path offers 100% online Dialectical Behavior Therapy classes as well as other self-improvement and psychoeducational courses. To help you learn to manage your emotions better, feel more in control, and not be thrown into “crisis mode” by the feeling of nearly constant emotional dysregulation.

My Dialectical Life
My Dialectical Life
My Dialectical Life is a peer-led psychoeducation program designed by Amanda Smith to help individuals who are currently working with a licensed therapist or mental health professional get an extra boost in their skills training and for those people who have graduated from a DBT program and are looking for a way to stay connected with what they’ve already learned.

Mental Health America
MHA Peer Programs MHA knows the power of peer support and believes it must not only be integrated into all aspects of healthcare but also continue to expand services and supports beyond “treatment as usual.”

NMI Peer Support
NAMI Peer to Peer
NAMI Peer to Peer is a free, eight-session educational program for adults with mental health conditions who are looking to better understand themselves and their recovery.