Marsha Linehan, PhD developed DBT
In this landmark presentation Marsha. Linehan, PhD, the developer of DBT, reveals that she had been institutionalized as a teenager for self-harming and suicidal behaviors, likely as a result of BPD.

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Borderline Personality Disorder Experts

Marsha Linehan
MARSHA LINEHAN, PhD Developer of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
John Gunderson
JOHN GUNDERSON, MD Director of McLean Hospital’s Borderline Center.
Peter Fonagy
PETER FONAGY, PhD Co-developer of Mentalization-based treatment
Alan Fruzzetti
ALAN FRUZZETTI, PhD Co-developer of Family Connections
Perry Hoffman
PERRY HOFFMAN, PhD Co-developer of Family Connections
Mary Zannarini
MARY ZANARINI, EdD Developer of the MSI-BPD test for BPD
Antonia New
ANTONIA NEW, MD Researcher who’s using brain imaging to study BPD
Alec MIller
ALEC MILLER, PsyD Directs a research team adapting DBT for adolescents.
Robert Friedel, MD
ROBERT FRIEDEL, MD Has developed effective drug treatments for patients with BPD