Treatments for BPD

Using a combination of talk therapy and medications is very effective in treating BPD.  Sometimes hospitalization may be needed to protect a person with BPD from possible self harm.

The following are therapies that have been specifically developed to treat Borderline Personality Disorder. If you can’t find a therapist near you who is trained in any of these treatments you should look for a therapist who knows the current thinking about BPD, has treated people with BPD, and is a person you trust and who you seems to understand you.

DBT3-46X50DIALECTICAL BEHAVIOR THERAPY (DBT) is a talk therapy for BPD is the most studied treatment for BPD and the one shown to be most effective.

MENTALIZATION BASED THERAPY (MBT)MENTALIZATION BASED THERAPY (MBT) is a talk therapy that helps people identify and understand what others might be thinking and feeling.

TRANSFERENCE-FOCUSED PSYCHOTHERAPY (TFP)TRANSFERENCE-FOCUSED THERAPY (TFP) is designed to help patients understand their emotions and interpersonal problems.

General Psychiatric Management (GMP)GENERAL PSYCHIATRIC MANAGEMENT (GPM) provides mental health professionals with an easy-to-adopt “tool box” for patients.