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We compiled this list of residential treatments centers using the search terms- Borderline Personality Disorder Residential Treatment Center or BPD Residential Treatment Centers and we also used Dialectical (DBT) Residential Treatment Centers. We’ve listed the centers by geographic locations throughout the US. This list should only be used as a potential starting point in your investigation of residential treatment centers.

Before you make a decision about the residential treatment center that is the best fit for you, or your love one, you may want to also review some information about the types of treatment care available for a person with Borderline Personalilty Disorder and the type of therapists who treat BPD.

West, United States

Midwest, United States
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West, United States

Optimum Performance Institute, Woodland Hills CA
Our ultimate goal is to have young adults live an independent life in the real world, and at OPI we believe that needs to start as soon as possible. Optimum Performance Institute goal is to help participants learn to regulate their emotions in real life situations. This is accomplished within our environment by utilizing comprehensive DBT and a proven array of Mindfulness Techniques which together become part of one’s daily routine. OPI Intensive, a specialized program within the Optimum Performance Institute, is a program for young adults struggling with emotion regulation challenges, such as borderline personality disorder.

Evolve Treatment Centers,El Segundo CA
Evolve has 10 teen residential treatment centers in California: Agoura Hills, Sacramento, Calabasas, Danville, Lafayette, La Mesa East San Diego, Ojai, Tarzana, Walnut Creek, and Woodland Hills. At Evolve teen residential treatment centers every resident feels like they’re in a personal, individualized recovery center designed to meet their specific therapeutic needs. Recovery Plans include a combination of the following therapeutic modes: Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness-Based Dialectical/Cognitive Therapy (MBD/CT), 12-Step Support Programs and Individual Family Therapy.

Clearveiw Women’s Treatment Center, Venice CA
Clearview Women’s Center was specifically created to treat women struggling with Borderline Personality Disorder and BPD traits. Our expertise allows us to provide you the BPD treatment we know will help you to develop a life worth living. Dialectical Behavior Therapy is the foundation of our BPD treatment program because we know it successfully treats BPD. Our expertly trained DBT therapists provide individualized and specialized treatment in a calming, safe setting, giving you a secure place to begin, and complete, your recovery.

Bridges To Recovery
, Beverly Hills CA
In Bridges to Recovery private, luxury residences we specialize in diagnosing and treating complex psychiatric and emotional issues such as borderline personality disorder. We provide compassionate and effective care in a serene residential setting so clients can focus on their treatment and recovery without the worries of external pressures and stressors.

BrightQuest Treatment Centers, Nashville TN, San Diego CA
In our residential treatment for borderline personality disorder program, BrightQuest experts will comprehensively treat all BPD symptoms, along with any co-occurring disorders. Backed by years of experience helping individuals cope with this condition, BrightQuest Treatment Centers develops fully individualized and highly structured recovery plans for borderline personality disorder.

Sunrise Residential Treatment, Washington County, UT
Sunrise is a residential treatment center serving adolescent girls and their families. We help girls ages 13-17 with emotional struggles, including anxiety, borderline personality disorder, depression, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder and self-injurious or suicidal behavior. We help the whole family, not just the student, to learn and integrate DBT skills into their lives so that she can return home healthy and happy — and stay that way. If your daughter has been in outpatient therapy or a day program that offers dialectical behavior therapy, chances are that your daughter could teach the DBT skills with fluency. But if you’re still not seeing the success you had hoped for, she’s likely missing one key piece: how to live DBT.

New Roads Behavioral Health, Cottonwood Heights UT
Our evidence-based treatment models combine the latest in mental health treatment with a cultivated community atmosphere, allowing us to guide clients through the mental health recovery process with both efficiency and compassion. The WoRTH program at New Roads is structured to offer help, healing, and support to women, helping them build a strong foundation for a more successful future. With dialectical behavior therapy and dual diagnosis, we give you control over your recovery, teaching you essential life skills and coping strategies to help you find your best self.

Midwest, United States

Columbus Behavioral Center, Columbus IN
Columbus Behavioral Center for Children and Adolescents offers a residential treatment program to address the needs of adolescents, ages 13 to 18, who have had difficulty dealing with mental health issues and maintaining appropriate behavior. Residential programs offer a balance of therapy, education and fun activities in a secure structured setting. Male and female patients are treated on separate units. They go to school, attend psychoeducational groups, discuss feelings with therapists, and are encouraged to express themselves through art and leisure activities. At Columbus Behavioral Center, we provide Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).

Resource Residential Treatment Facility, Indianapolis IN
When children and adolescents take part in our RTC program, they are able to address the challenges that they are facing while remaining in a caring, compassionate, and therapeutic environment that is conducive to true healing and recovery. In the RTC program at Resource, these children and adolescents are provided with a safe and comfortable environment in which they can work towards overcoming the symptoms associated with the presence of mental health concerns or substance abuse issues.

Rose Hill Center, Holly MI
At Rose Hill Center, we focus on helping individuals re-establish stability and self-esteem. During your time in our Residential Rehabilitation Program, you’ll acquire the necessary tools to overcome the symptoms of mental health disorders, build life skills and achieve a positive future. Our compassionate professionals believe that no one is defined by their personality disorder. Despite your struggles, our compassionate professionals don’t believe that personality disorders define you. We also have DBT trained staff, which makes it easy to talk to people for support when you need it.

Southwest, United States

Sierra Tucson, Tucson, AZ
The behavioral health residential treatment supplied by our BPD center is designed to elicit the most favorable treatment outcomes for all residents. For those who are trying to overcome the debilitating symptoms of anxiety, our treatment center’s Mood and Anxiety Program allows our residents to heal the mind, body, and spirit through integrative and comprehensive treatment. This intensive treatment incorporates both cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectic behavior therapy workshops and continues to provide psychodynamic therapy through their primary process group and individual therapies.

Life Healing Center, Santa Fe NM
At Life Healing Center, we use a variety of evidence-based therapies and practices in order to provide you with the most effective borderline personality disorder treatment. Among the therapeutic modalities we incorporate into your personalized treatment plan are cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and motivational interviewing.

Southeast, United States

Hillside, Atlanta GA
Hillside is one of the few residential treatment programs for youth, located in Atlanta. We focus on treating children and adolescents ages 10 to 18 with behavioral and emotional issues. Our residential treatment clients are housed in seven different cottages, based on their age, gender, and clinical fit. Six of the cottages accommodate female and non-binary clients from ages 10 to 18 and one cottage accommodates male and non-binary clients ages 13-18. Our primary modality of treatment is DBT. Our goal is to teach long-term life strategies to empower the clients and families.

Skyland Trail, Atlanta GA
Skyland Trail’s most intensive level of care for adult clients with a primary mood, thought or anxiety disorder and co-occurring borderline personality disorder (BPD) is our 90-day intensive dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) program that begins with our DBT residential treatment program or our DBT day treatment program. The goal of DBT treatment at Skyland Trail is to help clients develop practical strategies to cope with intense emotions so that they can prevent repeat hospitalizations, practice healthy coping skills, and build trusting relationships with therapists.

CooperRiis, Mill Spring NC
The residential treatment of personality disorders — long-term patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaviors that are unstable and inflexible personality characteristics that often hinder a person in specific ways — is always ‘person’ first at CooperRiis. For a resident with a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder, our partnership might focus on emotional regulation. Practices that support emotional regulation, such as mindfulness, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), personal therapy, yoga, and structured work. We support individuals of all backgrounds and identities and LGBTQIA+ affirming.

Lifeskills South Florida, Deerfield Beach FL
Lifeskills South Florida offers evidence-based treatment modalities, such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), to treat Borderline Personality Disorder. Our residential treatment program offers hope, healing, and a healthy lifestyle for all residents. Residential treatment program clients live in fully furnished townhomes that are professionally staffed 24 hours a day. This realistic, home-like setting allows residents to adapt their new coping skills within the local community and to daily routines while taking part in the therapeutic process.

Northeast United States

McLean-3East Adolescent Programs, Arlington MA
McLean’s adolescent dialectical behavior therapy programs, collectively known as 3East is ideal for adolescents and young adults seeking Borderline personality disorder treatment. The programs in 3East are specifically designed to accommodate patients in different phases of the treatment and recovery process, from highly focused residential treatment to outpatient care. Our compassionate, multidisciplinary clinicians have chosen to specialize in working with this patient population and are dedicated to treating young people to address their individual challenges to help them make positive changes in their lives.

McLean- Gunderson BPD Programs, Cambridge MA
The Gunderson Residence offers highly specialized therapeutic approaches for women over 21 with borderline personality disorder and other severe personality disorders, including those who experience co-occurring psychiatric conditions such as substance use, eating disorders, depression, or anxiety. The treatment program at Mclean integrates dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), mentalization-based treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy, and illness education. The residence specializes in care for individuals who have previously been through several treatment programs as well as those who are seeking treatment for the first time. Women come to the Gunderson Residence from across the country and all over the world.

Silver Hill Hospital, New Canaan CT
Silver Hill Hospital treats teens and adults who need treatment for borderline personality disorder. The Personality Disorder Center’s Transitional Living Program is a highly structured, intensive program. It is right for you if you do not need close inpatient supervision, but are not able to manage successfully in an outpatient setting. Our program focuses on treatment with Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). We designed it to help you with emotional control, impulsivity, self-damaging behaviors and interpersonal disorganization. You reside on the Silver Hill campus in a house where you “live” the skills and coping strategies you are learning, as you learn them.

Austen Riggs Center, Stockbridge MA
Austen Riggs Center has substantial clinical expertise and experience working with patients who have borderline personality disorder. Our treatment program is intensive, including four times weekly psychodynamic psychotherapy within a therapeutic community. The psychotherapists recognize the specific treatment dilemmas involved in working with someone with borderline personality disorder. The goal of this comprehensive approach is to help patients develop ways of facing their future with greater competence and integrity.

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