5. Coping with Borderline Personality Disorder (Instant Rental)

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This video was created for individuals and their loved ones. It explains what causes BPD in a way that is clear and easy to understand.

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Coping with Borderline Personality Disorder:
J&diane less

BPD affects not only the people who have the diagnosis, but everyone else in the family as well- particularly parents, siblings, children, spouses and partners. However, with proper treatment and good support their loved ones, many people can and do recover from BPD.

This program, the last in a series of five on Borderline Personality Disorder, shows how family members play a vital role in the outcome of the person who has BPD. Family members describe how education and support programs brought about positive change in their lives and in the lives of their loved ones who have BPD. Open and honest conversations about the role of family illustrate how relationships that have been disrupted by BPD can be repaired and restored.

Experts In This Program.
These experiences are further informed by insights from leading experts in the field, including:

Marsha Linehan, PhD – developer of Dialectical Behavior Therapy
John Gunderson, MD – founder of the McLean Hospital Borderline Personality Disorder Center
Perry Hoffman, PhD and Alan Fruzzetti, PhD – co-developers of the NEA-BPD Family Connections
Valerie Porr – BPD advocate
Alec Miller, PsyD – director of the Adolescent Depression and Suicide Program, at Montefiore Medical Center.

Run Time: 42 minutes

3 reviews for 5. Coping with Borderline Personality Disorder (Instant Rental)

  1. Arthur

    Some good information here but maybe more about coping strategies and family therapy.

  2. Harry – a brother

    Matt (EJ’s brother) gave me a lot of hope that things could be better with my brother. It is very hard living in the same house with him, so much drama all the time. But I see that it’s not all his fault.

  3. My Sister

    I feel that now I might be able to talk to my sister without loosing my temper and I can try harder to understand what she’s going through. Maybe. It’s been so hard for so long and she was always the “child of focus” in our family everything was always about her. It was a long time before anyone said she had Borderline Personality Disorder. We’re both adults now and I mostly just try to stay away from her.

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