Borderline Personality Disorder Blogs

Healing From BPD A comprehensive website created by Debbie Corso who was diagnosed with BPD around 2011 and currently no longer meets the DSM-V criteria for BPD. Complete with BPD information, Debbie’s personal blog, free resources and a chat room.
Hope For BPD Dedicated to helping people who have been diagnosed with BPD to integrate DBT skills into their daily life, Amanda Smith holds a master of social work and provides a blog as well as the option to subscribe to her daily email list.
BPD FFS Sue Sibbald: Borderline Personality Disorder and me Sue Sibbald is from the UK and campaigns for better services for people with BPD, increase BPD awareness, and delivery of psycho-education for people with BPD. She also created #BPDchat on Twitter every Sunday at 9pm BST 4pm EDT.
Make BPD Stigma-Free! Dedicated to ending the stigma that is often attached to BPD, Joyce Savage has created this blog as a place to share her experiences with BPD and provide a safe haven for others. Discussion is welcomed and personalized responses are commonplace.
Life after BPD After years of struggling, and being offered diagnoses which didn’t quite ‘fit’ the author of “Life with BPD” was eventually diagnosed with ‘Borderline Personality Disorder’. This is a wonderfully written blog that shares her story, struggles, and journey living with BPD.