If that is the question, here are some answers:

The first recorded blog was created in 1994 by Swarthmore College student Justin Hall. By 2011, there were over 156 million public blogs in existence. By 2014, some 172 million blogs were hosted on Tumblr and another 76 million more on WordPress

Wikipedia describes a blog (a mashup of the terms web and log) as a discussion or informational website consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) that is published on the internet. Highly personal for the most part, blogs in general, and BPD specific blogs in particular, cover a lot of topical terrain and, among other things, are used to:

Share experience
Offer Support
Learn new information
Express opinions
Bring inner thoughts to light
Foster recovery
Provide hope
Raise awareness
Reduce stigma
Inspire others

The virtual space where blogs appear is called the blogosphere. And like the physical universe, it is infinite in size.

Blogs are posted at different intervals, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or randomly. Regardless of a blogger’s schedule, in aggregate, new blog posts appears all day, every day.

There are many blogs that deal with borderline personality disorder. That’s not surprising considering that millions of people world-wide meet criteria for the diagnosis. In these highly personal blogs people write about their experiences, vent their emotions and share their thoughts about BPD with a community of followers. Many write anonymously or use a pen name. Others write under their actual name (they each have valid reasons for doing so). These blogs cover a range of BPD related topics such as the nature of bpd and its impact on their lives. Others may cover treatments, particularly Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

You may already follow a number of these blogs. As stated above, there are a great many. Here are some of our favorites:

Debbie Corso – My Borderline Personality Disorder
Joyce Savage – Make BPD Stigma Free
Randi Kreger – BPD Central
Amanda Wang – The Fight Within Us
Sue Sibbald – BPD FFS
Amanda Smith – My Dialectical Life
My BPD Story

This is a far from complete list. There are many more BPD bloggers out there in the blogosphere and several post links to their favorite bloggers as well. So if you explore a bit you’ll likely find even more blogs that interest you or meet your particular needs.

Let us know what you find that we should know about, or let us know which blogs you currently follow that you think are good reads. Send an email to info@bpdvideo.com and enter Blogs I Like the subject line.

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