A poster presented at the 2017 annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association suggested that botulinum toxin injected in the face – specifically the area between the eyebrows – improved several symptoms of borderline personality disorder in a group of 6 female patients who did not respond well to psychotherapy and/or medications were recruited from the Hannover Medical School and Asklepios Clinic North-Ochsenzoll in Germany to participate in a pilot trial of the muscle paralyzing neurotoxin. Botox had previously been shown to alleviate migranie headaches and certain neuro- muscular disorders

After 2-6 weeks, participant scores on the Zanarini Rating Scale for Borderline Personality Disorder and the Borderline Symptom List improved between 50% and 90% from baseline. Patients also showed improvement in impulsivity, self-harming behavior, agitation, depressive symptoms, and social functioning.

You can read more about how and why botox might be effective in the treatment of BPD here

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