It is not an simple task for a person or a family to get an accurate diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder. The range of co-existing disorders in BPD – depression, anxiety, impulsivity and others, can often lead to a missed diagnosis of the underlying disorder that is fueling those problems.

Unless a therapist is well versed in the nuances of BPD, a person can spend years going from one therapist to another, undertaking different treatment approaches and still find themselves pretty much in the same state of mind as when they began.

Fortunately, more mental health providers are learning more about BPD, are more interested in working with people who have BPD, and – importantly – are willing to make the diagnosis when appropriate.

But diagnosis only half the story. The next hurdle is to actually find one of those therapists qualified to treat BPD.  There are several resources that can help you do that and, hopefully, get you started on the road to recovery.

You can find a number of these treatment resources on the BPDVideo website.

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