The big question: BPD… What is That?

This is the first blog to appear in this expanded version of As many, if not all, blog writers lament when faced with a blank page: “Where do I start?” Well, after much consideration, we thought it would be most useful to you, the blog reader, to start at the beginning.

If there was ever a category in the TV game show Jeopardy about Mental Health Conditions, the correct response to “Borderline Personality Disorder” would surely be “What is that?”

That’s actually how most people respond, including family, friends and a lot of professionals The fact is, that despite some 18 million people who meet the diagnostic criteria for BPD, very few know very much about this difficult disorder.

It’s like a widespread epidemic that nearly invisible.

Why is that? Well, as you may know, BPD is also one of the most stigmatized of all mental conditions. It’s so stigmatized that people who have BPD and their loved ones are afraid to talk about it or seek help for fear of…. what? Being ostracized, labeled, discriminated against, marginalized, looked down upon? You get the idea. BPD is difficult enough to live with. The stigmas only makes it harder.

Many people, mental health professionals included, hold the completely false belief that BPD is untreatable. The truth is that long term research studies show that a majority of people with BPD can, and do, achieve recovery and go on to lead lives worth living.