Gobbledegook from the Guardian?

An article published in the prestigious British newspaper last week, headlined BPD in the Workplace , rankled a lot of BPD advocates, providers and people who live with the disorder on a daily basis. They let the editors know how they felt in no uncertain terms. And the voice of the people was heard. So much so that the original article was taken down “pending review” according to the newspaper.

Regardless of this retreat (if not yet a retraction), some of the offending comments may be found in readers’s reactions to the story. Here are a few examples from a number of people who read the article and thought to put the paper in its place.

One woman, Maggy van Eijk, who was recently diagnosed with BPD, posted her experiences with BPD, work and stigma in the online journal INews.

Additionally, a group of UK mental health providers and BPD advocates raised their well-informed opposition to both the content and overall tone of the piece in a letter to the Guardian editors.

However, the best dress-down of the Guardian just may be this post from BPD blogger Esther Beadle.

In the interest of fairness, it should be noted that in the days immediately following the outcry over the workplace piece, the Guardian published a pretty comprehensive and more accurate BPD themed article. But as yet the fate of the original offending story is still “pending”.

If you would like to add your thoughts to the conversation, you can also write the Guardian editors at this online address.