I typically find my self writing a new post for our BPDVideo Blog on Sunday mornings. The blog is a compilation of news, information and personal observations based on roughly 25 years of working in the field of Borderline Personality Disorder, better known as BPD.

I bring this up because today will see this year’s last edition of the Twitter-based community #BPDChat , a real time interactive site designed for people who are living and struggling with Borderline Personality Disorder.

#BPDChat was originally founded and moderated by Sue Sibbald and Carl Dunn, Jr., both certified peer support specialists. Sue stepped away from her administrating tasks a few years ago, although she still participates in the conversations. These days #BPDChat is moderated by Carl.

Every week (without exception over the three years I have participated), Carl leads a one hour discussion with a community of people who are living and trying to cope with BPD. Carl begins each #BPDchat by posting an extensive list of helpful books, videos, websites and other resources followed by an “ice breaker” question such as “What kind of pet do you have?” (a question that produced a plethora of pet commentary and pictures). Then Carl moves the conversation to the topic of the day, always related to a BPD-related issue that affects and/or perplexes people with the disorder. The information and “how-to- use” examples that Carl offers are based on one of Marsha Linehan’s numerous Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) social skills that is pertinent to dealing with a particular BPD problem. Chatters who have had success with any of the presented skills typically chime in and describe their experiences using that skill.

#BPDchat is lively, fast moving and always highly appreciated by that day’s participants. It’s a no-cost, informative and effective and way to help people with BPD get a better handle on their disorder, especially if they can’t access or afford formal BPD treatment services in their area.

#BPDChat runs every Sunday 4PM EST in the US and 9PM GMT in the UK. You can find the chat on Twitter by searching for #BPDChat. It might be a useful way to start the New Year. Hope to see you there.


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