A number of people who have a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder also report they suffer from chronic pain seemingly unrelated to their BPD.

The persistent and pervasive physical pain they experience has a significant deleterious impact on their minds as well as their bodies. The combination of the debilitating emotional effects of BPD and the ceaseless physical pain they feelcan be, and often is, overwhelming. Frequently to the point of despair.

So it was with a good deal of curiousity that I read this article about a novel therapeutic approach that is showing potential as cure for chronic pain – one that does not rely on powerful and often problematic pharmaceutical analgesics. It’s called “pain reprocessing therapy” or PRT and it has demonstrated some interesting effects in recent clinical trials. You can read about here in the Washington Post and you can also read about a clinical study of PRT reported in the Journal of the America Medical Association (JAMA).

As with any news of a novel breakthrough in treating a critical health condition, keep in mind that it is a long road from field trials to approval for wide implementation. Nonetheless this is an interesting development that hopefully will prove to be helpful.