As BPD awareness grows on social media and beyond, the various ways in which the disorder can impact a person’s life are becoming more visible. Take, for example, this article from Thea de Gallier from the BBC on Borderline Personality Disorder and dating. The BBC speaks with three individuals on how BPD has affected their relationships:

“I noticed my symptoms were a lot stronger and more dysfunctional when I was in a relationship,” she says, who was diagnosed in March 2021.

“I get obsessive quite quickly. I’ll constantly want to call or text, and I’ll isolate from other friends – I drop hobbies and dedicate all my time to that person.”

Things that seem like a non-event to someone without BPD can be catastrophic.

“One time, I was at my friend’s apartment when I got a text from the boyfriend and the tone really spooked me – I literally picked up all my stuff and said, ‘I’ve got to go’, and ran to his apartment 15 minutes away.”

You can read the full article here

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