Life in the time of pandemic is vastly different than it has ever been. Deliberate social isolation has become the norm rather than the exception. Through advances in internet based communication technology. children are being educated at home, working adults complete their tasks from their bedrooms and health care professionals remotely interact with patients from a virtual exam room.

The concept is taking root in the mental health field as well.

Is this the ‘new normal’ where many doctor/patient interactions will take place via a video screen rather than face-to-face contact in the providers office? There are some related questions and concerns about this approach to patient care. Fact is, no one really don’t knows what the long term pros and cons will turn out to be.

Here’s one point of view expressed in this article written by a mental health therapist in the Washington Post.

If you are a patient, provider, family member, partner of friend of a person being treated for a mental health condition we’d like to know if you think video visits will be more or less helpful than face-to-face sessions.
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