It is a widely accepted premise in the mental health field that a traumatic experience can have a profound effect on the brain and related functions. It doesn’t seem to matter whether the trauma is physical (head injury), medical (stroke), emotional (death of a loved one) or other dramatic event, the impact can be both devastating and debilitating. Jonice Webb, PhD, a clinical psychologist in practice in Boston, MA, has identified childhood emotional neglect, or CEN, as a source of trauma that can be equally destructive. In fact, emotional neglect in childhood is recognized as a potential factor in the development of Borderline Personality Disorder

Dr, Webb is the author of a book on this subject, “Running on Empty: Overcome Your Childhood Emotional Neglect” and writes a blog on the subject for the, the well regarded and popular mental health social network.

In her recent post, Dr. Webb describes the ways in which parental emotional neglect – whether intentional or not- can set in motion emotional turmoil that may last well into adulthood. She also offers an approach people dealing with CEN can undertake to help them identify their CEN and begin to “drive away that cloud that’s been hanging over you”.

You can learn more about CEN and Dr. Webb’s work here

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