Many people who are diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder who exhibit a high degree of emotional sensitivity along with what is described as a genetic vulnerability to emotional dysregulation might actually possess a form of giftedness. Which begs the question: “If this is a gift, why does it hurt so much?”

A thoughtful response to that conundrum was recently posted in the online mental health journal Psychology Today.

The Unexpected Gifts Inside Borderline Personality, was written by Imi Lo, a London-based holistic clinical psychotherapist and author of the book “Emotional Intensity and Sensitivity”.

Rather than self-identifying as “bad”, Lo counsels a highly sensitive person with BPD who experienced an invalidating home life as a child to see her or himself as “a sensitive, intuitive, gifted individual, who was deprived of the right kind of nourishment as you were growing up..”

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Graphic copyrighted by Anne-Kathrin Walter