This article from Mark Travers at Forbes breaks down some recent research about trust, BPD, and the expectations of selfishness in others:

“To further explore the link between distrust and borderline personality disorder, Levay and her research team recruited 60 adults (30 diagnosed with BPD and 30 healthy individuals) to participate in a 15-minute in-person experiment. In the experiment, participants were asked to make a series of hypothetical monetary decisions, dividing a sum of money between themselves and another person.

Participants could either make selfish decisions (opting to keep most of the money for themselves), equitable decisions (evenly splitting the money between themselves and the other person), or altruistic decisions (offering the other player more money than they kept for themselves). The researchers also asked participants to predict how the other player would act when given the same options.

They found that while borderline personalities exhibited the same amount of generosity in the game as healthy individuals, they expected others to act more selfishly than the healthy individuals did.”

You can read the entire article here

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