“Just the facts ma’am” was a popular catch phrase from an old TV cop show, Dragnet. It’s what Detective Sergeant Joe Friday typically said when questioning a female suspect.

Among the many behaviors associated with Borderline Personality Disorder are: emotional dysregulation, negative self-image, impulsivity and ‘splitting’, i.e., someone is either all good or all bad. This combination can lead a person with BPD to easily jump to erroneous conclusions when another person makes a comment about them. Many times innocuous comments intended to be positive are misinterpreted as malignant and provoke the person with BPD. No surprise that this can have a seriously destructive impact on interpersonal relationships.

According to an online article recently published by The Mighty, one method for preventing this from happening is to utilize the social skill called “Check the Facts” that is part of Marsha Linehan’s Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

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