Borderline Personality Disorder is a mental health condition that knows no geographic barriers. BPD occurs around the world and affects millions of people, including those with the disorder, their families, friends, partners and colleagues.

An article in the online healthcare news journal Fit, written by Anoushka Rajesh, describes the challenges BPD presents to people who live in India. 

Don’t be too surprised to find out those challenges are pretty much the same as in any other place on Earth.

However, this tale is told through the friendship of two young woman, Maheema and Milana, each of whom had been diagnosed with BPD. They were particularly dismayed by the common misdiagnosis of BPD and the stigmatizing misunderstandings about the disorder among the general public as well as many health professionals.

Realizing that other people in India must be going through the same experiences as they had, they decided to do something about it.

The two women created an Instagram community- BPD Humans – for people living with BPD. A safe place where people with BPD could get accurate information and peer support.They recently celebrated the first anniversary of their initiative and were particularly pleased they had accumulated a community of 4000 followers.

In addition to Maheema and Milana’s personal stories, the article also provides a thoughtful overview of facts and fictions related to BPD.

You can read all about it HERE