The incidence of mental illnesses, especially anxiety, depression, substance abuse, eating disorders, self harm and suicidal behavior (all signs of Borderline Personality Disorder) have risen to near epidemic levels around the world.

This is particularly true among so-called ‘industrial’ nations with diverse populations that include people of color (POC) communities including Black, Latino, Asian American and Native American people.

Historically, individuals from POC communities have experienced limited entrée to accessible, affordable and culturally competent mental health resources. The issue has only become worse in this time of pandemic, economic and social justice inequality.

To meet the significant and growing need for appropriate mental health resources a number of technology-based alternate service delivery models have been and are being developed by members of these underserved communities.

Recently, the U.S. based Cable News Network (CNN) published an in-depth report on this problem and some of the innovative solutions members of POC communities have created to address this issue.

Article (c) Cable News Network / Illustration: Charlotte Edy

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