“I live my life as I always did. I have good days, and bad days, just like any other person. By definition, I would say that BPD means that I can go from extreme highs to aggressive lows, but I continue to try and acknowledge when these things happen. With the support of those around me, I can better manage myself and the situation,”

This Yahoo News article from Niki Bruce profiles Daniel Dale, a man who forged a successful career while living with BPD.

“I tried my very best to convince myself and those around me that I was fine, that I could correct this, because well, I’m a man, I’m a husband, and I should be strong enough to handle anything, right? This was where I went wrong, and only when I broke down, hit rock bottom, and admitted defeat, did I realize that this was not something I could resolve alone, and thankfully I had strong people around me to help.”

You can read the full article here

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