I think it can safely be said that the past year has been one for the ages. The first pandemic in 100 years has taken the lives of millions. Political turmoil has been erupting around the world and groundbreaking changes are taking place in the ways mental health services are provided.

Thanks to Zoom and similar social media platforms. online mental health services and support are becoming the new norm. Even peer support resources can be found around the world across the same online landscape. These historic changes may be altering the centuries old paradigm of office-based psychotherapy.

According to the NY Times, one source of help may be as close to you as the nearest national retail pharmacy or big box store. As a result, mental health support could become more acceptable, accessible and affordable than ever.

A very wise man once said “History never looks like history when you are living through it.” So while these changes may seem small they are actually meaningful parts of a really big picture.

And we are all here witness it happening. It is a potentially big moment in the long history of mental health care, but wonder if future generations will be all that impressed.