There is a young woman named Lorna who writes an excellent blog, Living Beyond The Borderline that details her everyday experiences coping with BPD.

Her most recent posting is titled “How My BPD Diagnosis Set Me Free” and provides a description of her mental health struggles in the years before and just after she was diagnosed with BPD. Her experiences were similar to what many people go through, difficult and confusing.

Two things helped her through all that. The first was seeing a primary care doctor who recognized that her emotional problems might well be BPD. The other was that being unable to enroll in a treatment program based on Dialectical Behavior Therapy, she decided to learn on her own the social skills that are part of DBT and incorporate them into her life.

For Lorna, one of the most enduring DBT lessons she learned was this: You’re doing the best you can right now with the skills you have, even if you could do better.



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