Is there a person who holds a prominent place in your life such as a relative, friend or partner, who has a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder? If that’s the case you likely have wondered what is the best way to show your support for that person? According to Beth Allan, a British blogger and columnist for , you won’t be very successful if you first don’t learn all you can about this confounding disorder.

Ms. Allan has lived and struggled with BPD since she was initially diagnosed as a teenager. In her post, she describes what it’s like to have BPD in a very real and honest way.

She also offers a number of tips for those who have a loved one dealing with this poorly understood mental health condition and concludes by pointing out that, “it’s proven that support from friends and family can not only help recovery but can sometimes even be life saving.” Good stuff.

You can read more of Ms. Allan’s insights and ideas here

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