The fight against the stigma of BPD manifests itself in many ways. Whether it is international superstars upending stereotypes and discussing mental health on their own terms, or local stories of people living with BPD, the more the public can be informed of the realities of Borderline Personality Disorder, the more they can come to empathize and support those who are diagnosed with it.

Our news story today comes from Winnetka, Illinois. It is an article from the Daily Northwestern’s Rebecca Aizin and focuses on Courtney Cook, an author who recently published a book on living with Borderline Personality Disorder titled “The Way She Feels.”

“‘I felt really discouraged by the narrative that I had to be ‘dealt with,’ because I believe every relationship is a navigation of how to best communicate and how to best support someone,” Cook said. “I thought I could write the book that I wished I could have had when I was diagnosed and help others in the situation I was in feel like they weren’t alone.”‘

You can read the full article here

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